Version 2.4.1 (30 December 2016)

  • Fixed a JavaScript bug, which prevented using the toggle in FF

Version 2.4 (24 December 2016)

  • Changed plugin slug to “before-after-images-slider-pro”
  • Fixed jQuery standalone example (see full package)
  • Fixed links to demo and documentation
  • Hover effect is enabled by default now
  • Improved theme compatibility
  • Minor code improvements
  • New shortcode parameter “hover” to enable/disable hover
  • Removed general “title” parameter
  • Total revamp of internal build process
  • Updated noUiSlider to latest version
  • Updated TGM to latest version
  • Used FavPress over Vafpress (you may remove Vafpress after updating the plugin)

Version 2.3.1 (26 June 2015)

  • Hopefully finally fixed the incomaptibility bug with some themes

Version 2.3 (23 April 2015)

  • Security Fix: Updated TGM to latest version
  • Improved handle performance for hover
  • Improved theme compatibility (mainly default themes)
  • Removed subtle slider (use “subtle” class if you want it back)

Version 2.2 (12 February 2014)

  • UI: Smaller and nicer slider
  • New theme “rounded-handle” for an even smaller and round slider handle
  • Greatly improved overlayed slider, with hopefully better support for Safari (Mac OS and iOS)
  • Added better WPML support with English pot file and German translation
  • Better compatibility of shortcode generator with some themes
  • Updated noUISlider to 7.0.10
  • Updated version of our custom Vafpress for better installation dialog

Version 2.1 (23 Dezember 2014)

  • Added ability to hide the slider
  • Added support for the examples “themes
  • Small layout fix

Version 2.0 (30 November 2014)

  • Major and Awesome, but BETA: It is possible to use any content for the left and right part through two new shortcodes
  • Major: Vafpress is now seperated into an extra plugin and must be installed additionally. Else you can’t use the shortcode generator
  • Updated version of noUISlider
  • Smaller fixes and improvements
  • Officially dropping support for WordPress less than 3.9 (Contact us, if you need help upgrading)

Version 1.9 (22 AUGUST 2014)

  • Improved compatibility with “broken” themes (include jQuery twice)
  • Set default width to 100% instead 500px

VERSION 1.8 (01 AUGUST 2014)

  • Extension for WordPress TinyMCE
  • Better support for WPML

VERSION 1.7 (03 JULY 2014)

  • Enhancement: Much better mobile and touch support thanks to the usage of noUiSlider instead of jQuery UI
  • Enhancement: Major performance improvement on page load as no Javascript is needed anymore to initially show images
  • Bug: Fixed loading issue with Google Chrome

VERSION 1.6 (27 JUNE 2014)

  • Filter for right and left image, as well as the whole result (see documentation for more information)
  • Enhancement: Improved ancient browser support (Safari for Windows ;)
  • Enhancement: Disabled “hover” effect for a couple of mobile devices, as it may cause problems

VERSION 1.5 (16 MAY 2014)

  • Feature: “Random” mode
  • Feature: Ability to define “alt” and “title” tag for images
  • Enhancement: Improved Visual Composer integration
  • Core: Improved shortcode handling

VERSION 1.4 (2 MAY 2014)

  • Feature: Optional overlayed slider (experimental)
  • Enhancement: Better responsive behaviour (Images will get 100% width, when smaller than 400px)
  • Bug: Fixed resize bug with IE

VERSION 1.3.1 (15 APRIL 2014)

  • Bug:  It wasn’t able to use the shortcode directly anymore, only Visual Composer worked :(

VERSION 1.3 (12 APRIL 2014)


  • Feature: optional smooth slide transition instead of hard one
  • Feature: optional slide on mouse move
  • Enhancement: When images are not linked, a click on the image will slide too
  • Enhancement: Support for Visual Composer

VERSION 1.2 (29 MARCH 2014)

Note: Images are not linked by default anymore.


  • Feature: Images are linked optionally now (parameter: link_images)
  • Feature: Images can be linked anywhere (parameter: left_href and right_href)
  • Bug: Problem with “Overlay” mode with some themes

VERSION 1.1 (5 MARCH 2014)


  • Feature: Optional initial slider position
  • Feature: New Mode: Fade-In
  • Feature: Responsive when using relative width
  • Bug: Images are sometimes not shown on first page load
  • Task: Title can be localized (through WPML)
  • Task: Cleaner Documentation and better demo site

VERSION 1.0 (31 DECEMBER 2013)


  • Initial Release
  • Contains 4 modes, WordPress plugin and shortcode