Here you will find answers to frequently asked question. In case some question is not answered, just contact us.

Does the plugin contain an extension for the WordPress standard editor?

Yes, the plugin contains an easy to use shortcode generator. For advanced editing it supports the nice Visual Composer.

How to update the plugin?

  1. Deactive and delete the old version from your administration and than just upload the new version.
  2. Or do the same steps using FTP.

I can’t see the shortcode generator, what is wrong?

To be able to use the shortcode generator, you have to install an additional plugin called “Vafpress”.

There should be a message in the administration area after you’ve installed the plugin, which asks you to install Vafpress.

Please do the following:

  1. Check the installation documentation.
  2. Go to your installed plugins and check, if there is a plugin called “Vafpress Framework” installed and activated -> activate, if installed
  3. If the plugin is not installed:
    1. Check if there is a menu “Design” -> “Install Plugins”
    2. And if you can install Vafpress from there
  4. If this still doesn’t work, please upload and install Vafpress manually from Github.

If this still doesn’t work, it would be nice if you can create and send us login credentials to your site (use the contact form for this).

In the overlay method, one of the pictures goes small in the upper left corner.

This is mostly theme related. Some themes provide very generic CSS rules for images.
Please apply the following custom CSS, which should fix this:
.image-comparator .images img {
   max-width: inherit !important;

Is it possible to use a custom image for the sliders handle?

Yes, you can find an example and description here.